emlyon Prof. Ivan Guitart was teaching a course, “#Digital Marketing”, on November 22 at the Ecully campus. AIM communication team interviewed his students and found that professor Ivan was giving an interesting class for the students. This course provides an overview of the theories and tools used by digital marketers. After taking this course, the students will learn about improving the experience of users on the website, improving the visibility of the website, using #social media and influencers to attract and engage users and tracking and making decisions based on website and customer analytics. Students have given very positive comments on the teaching of Prof. Ivan Guitart, with an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of advanced practices in #digital marketing.

(edited by Yeming (Yale) Gong, @Huihui Chi)

Monica GrossoFrederic DelmarPhDDr Tessa Melkonian, Dr Annabel-Mauve BONNEFOUS, 
Nicolas Péjout, PhD,  Bruno TallentGuillaume Coqueret, Anne-Laure SCHWARTZ, Elsa Opitz, Emilie Guichard, Renaud HENRION, Gael Chauvel der. Hargobian, Yacine RekikBruno VersaevelImène BRIGUI, PhD.Benoit LoeilletEric André, Ivan Guitart, Clement Levallois, Joonas ROKKA, Ajay Kumar, Dr. Benoît Chevalier-Roignant, Moritz Jörling, Catherine PARDO,  Hans SCHLIERER, Handan VICDAN, Ruiqi WEI,  Vincent OpoixLOIC BEAUJOUANRomain BayoutMarylou BoisselyJulie GuillotValérie JobardCéline FALLOT BUCLET Delphine Billouard-Fuentes Frédéric MoisanFranck JAOTOMBOBertrand TavinGaetan Bakalli RIM LAARIF