Thursday October 28th from 12:15pm to 1:15pm

What is a decision problem?

With Pr. Alexis TSOUKIÀS


The talk introduces a general framework defining decision problems out of combinations of invariants of the clients’ problems. Such an approach avoids classifying decision problems as combinations of methods, focussing instead on simple elements such as the set of alternatives, the problem statement and the preference statements (and how these can be formalised). We show that there is a finite number of archetypes of decision problems and that decision support methods can be constructed as instances of specific conditions upon the invariants. We also show how it is possible to translate equivalent decision problem formulations. Last, but not least we focus upon a long time neglected aspect of decision aiding: constructing the set of alternatives and we show how our framework helps in formalising it.

The seminar will be:

📍 at Ecully Campus room LIVE 70 (ground floor Building B)
(sandwich is offered if you attend physically, please register by 26 Oct. noon)

📍 or on Zoom : link provided after registration


CNRS Research Director at LAMSADE
professor of quantitative methods at Paris Dauphine University