Artificial Intelligence in Management Institute

Who we are

The emlyon business school Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Management (AIM) is a multifaceted initiative focused on understanding the opportunities and implications of artificial intelligence for the management of organizations, industries, and business ecosystems.


Examines how AI and related technologies are altering work and organizations but also how they are capturing value and shaping business ecosystems.

Pedagogical experiences

Expose and prepare our students to work with and manage AI technologies.


Supports technologists and managers in the evolution, adoption, and implementation of AI technologies.

Our Research Centers

AIM Institute initiates and sponsors research via two independent research centers:

Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation

The AIM Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation investigates how AI and related emerging technologies affect value creation in human interactions and consumer behavior, and the new way companies create and capture value doing business and shaping business ecosystems.

Work and Organization

The AIM Research Centre for Work and Organization which is a social science research center dedicated to understanding the implications of artificial intelligence for workers, managers, and other stakeholders. The center supports rigorous empirical research – grounded in the real-world challenges facing organizations and policymakers – to understand the implications of artificial intelligence for work, human resource management and labor markets, and governance.

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