Thursday 10 November 2022 – from 4pm to 6pm

QUANT Seminar Series Launch

With Profs: Franck Jaotombo, Yingting Wen, Wissam El Hachem and Keyvan Kiani

Franck Jaotombo (Operations, Data and Artificial Intelligence – ODAI department): Predicting hospital readmission with machine learning using the MIMIC III discharge notes: the impact of vectorization

Yingting Wen Assistant Professor, PhD in Marketing – Marketing department:

The Influence of Public Discourse on Charitable Giving: Insights from the U.S. Charitable Market from 1991 to 2015

Wissam El Hachem, Associate Professor, PhD in Operations Management and Decision Sciences,  Operations, Data and Artificial Intelligence – ODAI department:

Policy mix dynamics of manufactuers’ R&D investment and government regulations as drivers of just transitions within socio-technical systems

Keyvan Kiani , PhD in Economics, Quantitative Finance and Economics department: Generalized games and applications in economics and finance

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📍 The seminar will take place at emlyon business School – learning lab Ecully campus