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The AIM Institute is organizing a series of outreach lectures about Artificial Intelligence. Recognized experts will give introductory talks about the main technical topics of AI, following human performances which AI tries to solve: cognition, language, vision, motion, collaboration, etc.

We welcome students, faculty, staff, executives and partners to these seminars which will take place once a month over 2019. It is a unique opportunity to be informed, learn, and get a glimpse at where AI stands today in academic research, tech companies, and businesses.

AI and Management 



  • Yeming GONG. 2022. “An optimal method to avoid the collision in the smart warehouses based on self-climbing robots”. 


 AI and Management: Hardware 

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AI and Management: Software 

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AI and Management: Systems 

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AI and Management at the individual Level 

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AI and Management at the Organization Level 

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AI and Management at Inter-organization or Industrial levels 

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