User Experience of Smart Product in IOT Context: Conceptualization and Measuring

Nov 12, 2018

The aim of this study is to develop a conceptualization and associated survey instrument of smart product user experience. Specifically, based on consumers’ online review of smart products, we first adopt LDA method of text mining to do an exploratory analysis, then use grounded theory approach to obtain the dimensions. Finally, we develop 13 first order constructs and formed 4 second-order constructs to reflect smart product user experience. To form reliability and validity measurement scale, we collect three data sets: pretest (n= 369), refine and validation(n=585), nomological validity of the instrument (n=567). For the nomological validity test, we examine the impact of smart product user experience on three outcomes: user satisfaction, continue use intention and recommendation. The results show that positive user experience of smart product significantly influence the three outcomes. This study fills the gap in a lack of research on the conceptualization, classification, and measurement of smart product user experience, and provides a systematic reference for practitioners to develop, design smart products, and continuously improve the user experience.