More AIM professors study software and algorithms. Yeming (Yale) Gong used deep learning algorithm to solve vaccine allocation problems for COVID19, and machine learning algorithm to address logistics problems for online retailers. Yacine Rekik used Fuzzy Gaussian mixture to solve the newsvendor problem. Imène BRIGUI is editing, with her colleague, a Special Issue dedicated to «Explainable and Interpretable AI in Business and Society ». In publication, Professor Ajay Kumar made main contribution in this topic of AIM. He published scientific articles with text mining, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning techniques to address problems in supply chain, logistics, and marketing. He made academic impacts for AIM by organizing special issues for rigorous journals. For example, with his colleague, he organized a special issue about Text Mining and NLP in a leading journal “Decision Support Systems”. Our professors (Guillaume Coqueret and Benoit Loeillet) particularly integrated research with teaching, made or published software or tools, which are used in teaching and industrial impacts. Guillaume Coqueret provided open-source material for anyone willing to dig deeper into the ramifications of global warming and the economy, on Google Colab and via GitHub. Clement Levallois regularly made video talks such as “Generating semantic networks without coding skills”. Delphine Billouard-Fuentes published paper “Informatique en classe: le code est-il toujours au programme ” to study the teaching problem of programming. Claire Ciampi, via Board International, introduced BI and EPM tools to our PGE students

Research Examples(mainly list AIM members):

*Yeming GONG, 2022. A data-driven spatially-specific vaccine allocation framework for COVID-19. Annals of Operations Research. Accepted.

*Yeming Gong,2021. Data-driven decision and analytics of collection and delivery point location problems for online retailers. OMEGA,100, 102280.

*Ajay Kumar,2022. A critical assessment of consumer reviews: A hybrid NLP-based methodology. Decision Support Systems, 113799

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Best strategy to win a match: an analytical approach using hybrid machine learning-clustering-association rule framework. Annals of Operations Research, 1-43

*Ajay Kumar,2022. Can customer sentiment impact firm value? An integrated text mining approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 174, 121265

*Ajay Kumar,2022. Search well and be wise: A machine learning approach to search for a profitable location. Journal of Business Research 144, 416-427