With the foundation of Psychology and Cognitive science, AIM professors did research of AI and Management at the individual Level. The theoretical topics include emotion, passion, self-image motives, empathy, #trust, #mindfulness, justice, preference, and dual-system theory. The application topics include green citizenship behavior, voice marketing, smart human resource management, #electric vehicle adoption, digital technologies adoption, intelligent personal assistants, and AI-enabled healthcare management. The ongoing projects are Psychology problems in human-robot interaction (e.g., human-robot #emotion) and user behavior in metaverse (e.g., emotion and trust in metaverse).

Research Examples, among others (just list names of AIM members)

*Yeming GONG, Wenxuan DING, 2022. Speaking vs. Listening? Balance Conversation Attributes of Voice Assistants for Better #Voice #Marketing.  September. International Journal of Research in Marketing.     DOI: 10.1016/j.ijresmar.2022.04.006

*Yeming GONG, 2022. How #mindfulness decreases #cyberloafing at work: a dual-system theory perspective.  European Journal of Information Systems.   DOI: 10.1080/0960085X.2022.2067490

*Yeming GONG, 2022. Self-image #motives for electric vehicle #adoption. Transportation Research Part D Transport and Environment 109:103383.

*Yeming GONG,2021. Can #AI artifacts influence human #cognition? The effects of #artificial #autonomy in #intelligent personal assistants. International Journal of Information Management 56, 102250

*Yeming GONG,2021. Dual #humanness and trust in #conversational AI: A person-centered approach. Computers in Human Behavior 119, 106727

*Yeming GONG,2021. Environmental CSR and #environmental citizenship #behavior: The role of employees’ environmental passion and empathy, October 2021, Journal of Cleaner Production 320(1): 128751,   DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2021.128751

*Yeming GONG,2021. Mobile Interactivity and Perceived Waiting Time: The Role of #Cognitive #Absorption and Perceived Procedural Justice. Journal of Global Information Management 29 (6), 1-20

*Yeming GONG, 2021. Equivalence and revenue comparison among identical-item auctions. December. Journal of Economics 134(8).   DOI: 10.1007/s00712-021-00746-8

*Ajar Kumar, 2021.User’s #Cognitive-Behavior-Based Preference Access Under Disease-Specific Online Medical Inquiry #Text Mining. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

*Ajar Kumar, 2022. Exploring Factors Affecting Users’ Behavioral #Intention to Adopt Digital Technologies: The Mediating Effect of Social Influence. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.