At the foundation of microeconomics, organization science, industrial organization, and information economics, we did research of AI and Management at the organizational Level. A central problem of AIM is to examine the interface between IT and CSR (e.g., IT-enabled CSR, Responsible AI, #Green Energy). Yeming GONG studied IT (big data, partial demand information, information disclosure) in mandatory emission capacity, emission tax, remanufacturing, internal resource sharing, and disaster management. Benoit Chevalier‐Roignant studied wind farm management for green energy. Ajay Kumar studied carbon trading, sustainability signal, and greenwash.

Research Examples, among others (just list names of AIM members)

*Benoit Chevalier‐Roignant. 2022. A model for #wind #farm management with option interactions. Production and Operations Management

*Yeming GONG. 2022. #Big #Data and #Big #Disaster: A mechanism of supply chain risk management in global logistics industry. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Robust Decisions for Regulated #Sustainable #Manufacturing with Partial Demand Information: Mandatory Emission Capacity versus Emission Tax.  European Journal of Operational Research 298(3):874-893.

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*Ajay Kumar, 2022. #Carbon #trading price prediction based on a two-stage heterogeneous ensemble method. Annals of Operations Research, 1-25

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Unraveling the performance puzzle of #digitalization: Evidence from manufacturing firms. Journal of Business Research

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. The Value and Pitfall of CM’s #Sustainability #Signal Considering OEM’s #Greenwash.  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management