This is a main research topic of AIM. More AIM research is at #inter-organization (e.g., supply chain management) or industrial levels, with both empirical and math analytical methods. (1) Supply chain management (inter-organization study).  AIM professors studied supply chain risk management, closed-loop supply chain, information acquisition and disclosure in a supply chain, supply chain network redesign, advertising strategy in a supply chain, agri-food supply chains, and supply chain resilience. (2) Technology management and industrial economics. AIM professors studied technology licensing, bilateral models, cross-licensing for smart products, and technology information disclosure. (3) Platform and digital communities. AIM professors researched on-demand service platform, sponsored communities, sports live #streaming platforms, business-to-business partners in sharing economy, and online value co-creation.

Research Examples, among others (just list names of AIM members)

*Yeming GONG, Yacine REKIK. 2022. An on-demand service platform with self-scheduling capacity: Uniform versus multiplier-based pricing.   International Journal of Production Economics 243(5).   

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Big data and big disaster: A mechanism of supply chain risk management in global logistics industry. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Demand Information Acquisition and Disclosure in a Non-instantaneous Deteriorating Items Supply Chain.    Computers & Industrial Engineering 169(2–3):108250.   

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Fuzzy closed-loop supply chain models with quality and marketing effort-dependent demand. Expert Systems with Applications 207(1):118081.    

*Yeming GONG. 2022.Quality information disclosure and advertising strategy in a supply chain. International Journal of Production Research 

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Higher Price: A Benefit of Online Value Co-Creation Activities in Sponsored Communities. Information & Management 59(1):103703.   

*Yeming GONG. 2022.Technology Licensing Under Competition: Absorptive Capacity vs. Innovation Capability. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (99):1-15

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Bilateral Models of Cross-Licensing for Smart Products.   IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

*Ding, Amy Wenxuan,2021. From cultural entrepreneurship to economic entrepreneurship in cultural industries: The role of digital serialization. Journal of Business Venturing, 36 (6): 18 p.

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Supply chain network redesign problem for major beverage organization in ASEAN region. Annals of Operations Research, 1-32

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Roles of Mobilized Controls and Environmental Uncertainty on Supply Chain Resilience: An Empirical Study from Dynamic-Capabilities-View and Levers-of-Control Perspectives. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Impact of Ethics Training and Audits on the Relationship Quality of Business-to-Business Partners in Sharing Economy. Industrial Marketing Management

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Early Adopter or Follower? The Strategic Equilibrium of Blockchain Technology Adoption Strategy for Competing Agri-Food Supply Chains. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Value Co-creation in Sports Live Streaming Platforms: A Microfoundations Perspective. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management