AIM Annual Research Review 2021-2022. AIM mainly addressed the interface study between AI and management science. In the fields of AI, AIM studied hardware, software, and systems, with academic foundation in computer science, automation control, robotics, algorithms, and industrial and system engineering. In the fields of management, AIM researched the management at individual level, organization level, and inter-organization or industrial levels, with academic foundation in psychology, sociology, organization science, information economics, and industrial organization. The application areas include smart logistics, smart manufacturing, smart energy, digital marketing, technology management, FinTech, among others. In the next few days, we will present AIM Annual Research Review. 

Research examples (mainly list AIM members):


*Yeming GONG. 2022.Big Data and Big Disaster: A Mechanism of Supply Chain Risk Management in Global Logistics Industry. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

 *Yeming GONG. 2021. Robotic Sorting Systems: Performance Estimation and Operating Policies Analysis. Transportation Science.  With René de Koster and Zou Bipan.

*Benoît Chevalier-Roignant. 2022. A Model for Wind Farm Management with Option Interactions. Production and Operations Management. With Alain Bensoussan and Alejandro Rivera.

*Yeming GONG and Yacine Rekik. 2022. An on-demand service platform with self-scheduling capacity: Uniform versus multiplier-based pricing.  International Journal of Production Economics.  

*Yeming GONG. 2022. How mindfulness decreases cyberloafing at work: A dual-system theory perspective. European Journal of Information Systems.  

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Analysis and Design of Rack-Climbing Robotic Storage and Retrieval Systems. Transportation Science. With René de Koster and CHEN Wanying.

*Yeming GONG and Wenxuan DING. 2022. Speaking vs. Listening? Balance Conversation Attributes of Voice Assistants for Better Voice Marketing. International Journal of Research in Marketing.  

*Ajar Kumar. 2022. Search well and be wise: A machine learning approach to search for a profitable location, Journal of Business Research


*Yeming GONG. 2022. “An optimal method to avoid the collision in the smart warehouses based on self-climbing robots”.


*Guillaume Coqueret 2022. Perspectives in sustainable equity investing. CRC / Chapman Hall