Senior Vice President of #Dell #Technologies, Ms.Shirley Wu, made a presentation and give management practice lecture “Innovation with Data ”at emlyon business school on Dec 13th. Yeming (Yale) Gong hosted the seminar. This is a management practical lecture to EMBA, DBA, MSc students. EMLYON professors, Ph.D. students, and postdoc researchers also attended the event and communicated with the speaker online.

(1) Ms. Shirley Wu first presented strategies of ” digital transformation”, including  the new versions on “Normal Accelerated Digital Transformation” from “How do we survive” to “How do we thrive” and critical problems in “Running Digital while Driving Transformation.”(2) She presented how to create technologies that “drive human progress” and CSR strategy in DELL.(3)She presented technologies and strategies to “innovate with data anywhere,” (4) Finally, Shirley presented new business strategy and data strategy in the new technological environment.

emlyon professors communicated with Shirley in theoretical and practical problems in data strategy, digital transformation, data and CSR researching, data security, and IT future.

emlyon students(EMBA and MSc) were interesting with DELL CSR strategy and several emlyon feminine students (MSc and PhD) asked questions about career development with gender equality. Shirley shared CSR strategy in Dell,  shared her outstanding industry insights from her over 20 years of experience in the hightech sector, and introduced the career development of female employees in Dell Technologies.