On November 10th, emlyon internal professors presented their current research in the AIM QUANT center organized and hosted by Dr. Guillaume Coqueret at Écully campus. Prof. Franck JAOTOMBO, Associate Professor in the department of ODAI, made a presentation “Predicting hospital readmission with #machine learning using the MIMIC III discharge notes: the impact of vectorization”. Prof. Ying Ting Wen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing made a presentation “The Influence of Public Discourse on #Charitable Giving: Insights from the U.S. Charitable Market from 1991 to 2015″. Prof. Wissam El Hachem, Associate Professor in the department of ODAI made a presentation ” Policy mix dynamics of #manufactuers‘ #RD investment and government regulations as drivers of just transitions within socio-technical systems”. emlyon professors, Ph.D. students, postdoc researchers, and researchers attended the seminar and communicated with the professor in both on-site and online formats. Participants discussed heatedly and shared lots of constructive comments with presenters during this seminar. There was also a reunion after the seminar.

Yacine rekik attended this seminar as a previous head of QUANT center. He made a significant contribution to QUANT center and leaded the center to a high academic level. With new head, Dr. Guillaume Coqueret, we believe QUANT center will have a bright future.