AIM Head Yeming Gong, cooperated with an international team from academics and industries, studied robotic sorting systems, a new type of solution to sort parcels by destination, which can be used in express companies, online retailing, post office, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing. We thank coauthor Prof. dr. René De Koster, a world-leading scholar in warehousing at Erasmus University Rotterdam, academic cooperation with Dr. B. Zou, and generous industrial and experiment cooperation with Dr. X. Xu and Dr. G. Shen. The paper was published in a leading journal “Transportation Science” ( INFORMS ). We thank constructive reviews and suggestions from Editor-In-Chief Martin Savelsbergh, multiple-round high-quality review reports from anonymous associate editor and reviewers, and Managing Editor Beatrice Allen. This is a robotic logistics research based on cooperation between academics and industries in AIM QUANT Center(Yacine RekikFrederic Delmar ).