AIM proudly presents a recent study of emlyon Prof. Ivan Guitart and his coauthor Prof. Stefan Stremersch at Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, “The Impact of Informational and Emotional Television Ad Content on Online Search and Sales”.
They codified the content from more than 2,000 television ads from 144 car models in the US and found that increasing the emotional content of ads leads to increases in online search, but increasing the informational content does not. Additionally, both informational and emotional content positively influence sales. However, the best strategy to increase sales depends on the product’s positioning: for high-price and high-quality cars, emotional content leads to more sales than informational content. However, for low-price and low-quality cars, informational content leads to more sales than emotional content. The study was published in the prestigious Journal of Marketing Research. You can access the full study for free in the publisher’s website. Congratulations on the fantastic work of Prof. Ivan Guitart and Prof. Stefan Stremersch! AIM keeps alignment with emlyon strategy “Confluences 2025”.