How to adapt traditional models to propose a new modelling approach applicable for innovative urban and omnichannel distribution? emlyon professor Imen BEN MOHAMED and co-authors introduced the #two-echelon #stochastic #multi-period capacitated #location-routing problem (2E-SM-CLRP), a hierarchical decision problem characterized by a temporal hierarchy between the design and the operational decisions. Extensive experiments show the value adding of uncertainty and multi-period settings on the two-echelon location-routing and its flexibility to adapt its hedging capabilities over time.The results are also congruent with recent findings in two-echelon urban networks that favour the multiplicity of surrounding locations and their interconnectivity rather than centralisation-prone practices.


Imen BEN MOHAMED. 2022. The two-echelon stochastic multi-period capacitated location-routing problem. European Journal of Operational Research. With W. Klibi, R. Sadykov, H. Şen and F. Vanderbeck.