AIM researchers Shuang XUBruno Versaevel, and Yeming (Yale) Gong, motivated by new practices in blockchain-enabled auctions for peer-to-peer green electricity trading, made a presentation in QUANT workshop organized by Yacine Rekik at Ecully campus. emlyon business school professors, post-doc researchers, PhD students, MSc students, and scholars in  Université de Lyon attended the workshop. Participants discussed how to design auction-based market mechanisms enabled by blockchain technology to maximize social welfare in decentralized P2P markets, while also considering the sustainability of the mechanism and the truthfulness of peers’ bidding strategies.

AIM keeps alignment with emlyon strategy “Confluences 2025”.

Workshop: Blockchain-enabled auction mechanisms for peer-to-peer green energy trading
Presenter: Shuang XU
Discussants: Prof. Bruno Versaevel and Prof. Yeming (Yale) Gong
Organizer: Prof. Yacine Rekik
Time: 3 May; Place: Training Room, Creative and Learning Hub