emlyon business school dialogues with industry in AI logistics.emlyon professor Yeming (Yale) Gong was interviewed by Mecalux Group to discuss AI applications in warehousing and logistics. Yeming first introduced several technology trends in the warehousing, such as robotics, AI, blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, and automation. They discussed the economic and CSR benefits that AI can bring to warehousing and logistics.

Yeming compared the previous chatbots and ChatGPT in logistics and analyzed how AGI and ChatGPT can reshape the supply chain in customer service, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization, and risk management. They also talked about the future of supply chain with the next generation of AI, green supply chain, blockchain-enabled supply chain.

They mainly discussed the following questions:

  • What technology trends are set to grow in the warehouse?
  • Why do businesses need AI in their warehouses?
  • What are the most promising applications of AI to improve logistics processes in the warehouse?
  • What benefits can AI bring to the human workforce in a warehouse?
  • How can robotized systems help improve picking?
  • What’s the potential of AI chatbots in logistics?
  • How do you envision the future of supply chains with the next generation of artificial intelligence?