Harvard Business Review organized a dialogue between emlyon professor Yeming (Yale) Gong and Wei Guo, chairman & CEO of Digital China, in digital transformation. Wei Guo is listed in top 50 influential business leaders in China by Fortune. Digital China (16562 million euro revenue in 2021) was a core part of Lenovo Group, a main service provider in digital transformation and cloud computing. 

They talked about the disruptive technologies such as  cloud computing, AI, Web 3.0, metaverse and their applications in digitalization transformation, with an interest in the application of  ChatGPT and its relevant techniques. They then discussed the difference of digital transformation between European and Asian organizations. Next, they discussed the difficulties and challenges that organizations could meet in the digitalization process and the future requirements for organizations. They discussed about how to boost the economy after the covid-19 pandemic via digital transformation. Finally, they discussed the influence of epistemology and cognition to the success of an entrepreneur. The dialogue was hosted by a manager of HBR, and was published in the webpage of Harvard Business Review (Chinese version).

About 500 K managers watched the dialogue via different digital media platforms.