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A Research Center Studying the impact of artificial intelligence on value creation in human interactions and in shaping the business ecosystems

Who we are

The Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation aims to analyze how Artificial Intelligence impacts on value creation in human interactions and user behavior and the new way companies create and capture value doing business and shaping business ecosystems. To achieve this goal we are building an interdisciplinary community of researchers who conduct rigorous empirical research. exploring emerging questions about how Artificial Intelligence affects the world today and tomorrow.

What we do

The Research Center on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation aims to develop research and open space of debate on how Artificial Intelligence creates new value layers affecting user behavior, information sharing, experiential engagement, marketing practices and brand equity. Goal of the research center is also to explore how artificial intelligence enabled networked platforms— like the ones used by Uber, Airbnb, and eBay but also in the industrial marketing —are changing the way companies do business, develop new business models and shape new business ecosystems.

Through this Research Center we want to analyze the impact of Artificial Intelligence on a broad range of business and management subjects (ranging from Finance, Marketing, Strategy, to Innovation and Entrepreneurship and covering a multitude of different sectors such as Education, Energy, Health Care, Public Administration, Banks, Insurance, Retail, Tourism, Luxury) and offer guidance to organizations on how to best use AI for sustainable value creation.

  • What are the effects of Artificial Intelligence and robotics on the customer experience and service satisfaction? What constructs moderate or mediate this relationship?
  • How will Artificial Intelligence shape the context for value co-creation? How will it affect resource integration and service for service exchange?
  • How will machine-human interaction nudge decision-making processes with respect to individual and collective well-being?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence influencing the organization of business networks?
  • How will sales, marketing, supply chain management, operations, finance and (or) communication activities benefit from Artificial Intelligence systems?
  • What ethical aspects arise from the arrival of Artificial Intelligence?

Current Projects

Research Team

Margherita PAGANI
Margherita PAGANIProfessor of Digital Marketing; Research Director, AIM Research Cen-ter on Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation
Massimo AIROLDIAssistant Professor
Yeming GONG
Yeming GONGProfessor of Management Science
Yacine REKIK
Yacine REKIKProfessor Operation & Supply Chain Management
Jeroen STRUBENAssociate Professor of System Dynamics, Strategy and Organisation
Ajay Kumar
Ajay KumarAssistant Professor
Amy Ding
Amy DingProfessor in emlyon business school
Salma Boukhriss
Salma Boukhriss Doctoral student

External Research Fellows

Charles HOFACKERProfessor Florida State University
Yihyun LIM
Yihyun LIMDirector Design Lab MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fareena Sultan
Fareena Sultan Professor - Northeastern University
Milan MIRIC Assistant Professor Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California
Omar El SAVY
Omar El SAVY Professor Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California
Bart LARIVIEREAssociate Professor - KU Leuven