Episode 1

Data Science with Guillaume Coqueret

In this podcast Jonas and Adrien are discussing Data Science with Prof. Guillaume Coqueret 

In this conversation, we address Guillaume’s path through programming and how can someone start a journey into Data Science. Also, we debate on the industry and its future opportunities and limitations.

Feel free to reach out to us for feedback or topic/guest suggestions – and enjoy the podcast!


Want to go further? Guillaume shares his recommendations:

François Chollet (Google) is by far my favorite AI contributor both in terms of software & thoughts. The following links are incredibly dense and a bit technical, but worth your time!

Gary Marcus (NYU) belongs to the team of experts that warn against the perils of AI overhype.

Yann Lecun (Facebook), Gary’s frenemy:

Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT): an expert on AI & big data and how they impact the workplace:
(Famous quote: “Over the next decade, AI won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t.”)

The R community (I had to be brief):
Some members (non exhaustive list !!!):
The RStudio team: rstudio.com/about/ (some individuals below)
Hadley Wickham (tidyverse): hadley.nz
Yihui Xie (RMarkdown!): yihui.org/en/
Jenny Bryan (tidyverse): jennybryan.org/about/
Mara Averick (tidyverse): maraaverick.rbind.io/about/
Thomas Pedersen (visualizations): www.data-imaginist.com/about
Julia Silge (text mining): juliasilge.com
Kara Woo: karawoo.com
Thomas Mock: thomasmock.netlify.com
Max Kuhn (machine learning): twitter.com/topepos
Joe Cheng (Shiny !!!): rviews.rstudio.com/2017/01/04/inte…with-joe-cheng/