February 4, 2020

EMLYON Business School

Fully automatic analysis of engagement and its relationship to personality in human-robot interactions

Engagement is crucial to designing intelligent systems that can adapt to the characteristics of their users. This talk focuses on the automatic analysis and classification of engagement based on humans’ and robot’s personality profiles in a triadic human-human-robot interaction setting. More explicitly, I will present a study that involves two participants interacting with a humanoid robot, and investigate how participants’ personalities can be used together with the robot’s personality to predict the engagement state of each participant. The fully automatic system is first trained to predict the Big Five personality traits of each participant by extracting individual and interpersonal features from their nonverbal behavioural cues. Second, the output of the personality prediction system is used as an input to the engagement classification system. Third, I introduce the concept of “group engagement”, which is defined as the collective engagement of the participants with the robot, and analyze the impact of similar and dissimilar personalities on the engagement classification.


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About Hanan Salam

Hanan Salam holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. She is the co-founder of Women in AI, a non-profit Do-Tank whose mission is to close the gender gap in the domain of Artificial Intelligence through education, research and events. She has published several international peer-reviewed conferences and journals on social robotics and intelligent affective computing. Her scientific interests include Artificial Intelligence, human-computer interaction, social robotics, computer vision, machine learning and affective computing. She is an advocate of technology for common good and an activist for women empowerment.