Episode 4

Tech Valuation & Post-Virus Economy

with Emily McCormick 

Reporter at Yahoo Finance, New York

This podcast episode is asking how Artificial Intelligence and other trending technologies created value for companies but also how can they create a trap for investors. While we witness large movements in the economy during this COVID-19 context, we tried to understand how were investors evaluating companies and how were they investing in the market.

The tech sector has been outperforming the market in 2019, even now in 2020 during the crisis, but what is truly driving this high valuation?
We will try to analyze what are investors seeking when putting their money on Facebook, Amazon, Google or Tesla, as well as highlighting the potential risks when investing in the tech sector:
– Miss usage of personal data
– Lawsuits
– Lack of earnings

“In Europe, 40% of Artificial Intelligence startups are actually not using Artificial Intelligence” – Many companies received huge amounts of money based on buzzwords and we will be wondering if tech companies are genuinely leveraging the technologies they sell and pitch to investors or are abusing them. With this large “facade” valuation, are we going towards an Artificial Intelligence bubble on the markets?
And where to invest during such critical times? Many questions that we will try to discuss in this episode, we hope you will like it.

Feel free to reach out to us for feedback or suggestions – and enjoy the podcast!

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