Episode 1

#1 Why everyone talks about AI

About Episode #1: Why everyone talks about AI
In this first episode of AI LITERACY, Seymour Duncker gives us an overview of the versions of AI that are employed and AI’s impacts on our lives right now as well us how it will change our future.
He shines a light on some common misconceptions in the use of terms like Machine Learning and AI and shares his own experience and the culture of Silicon Valley.

About the Speaker:
Seymour Duncker, founder and CEO of Mindscale.ai as well as iCharts and fellow at the MIT, is serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in pioneering new markets in software development and the tech sector. He is a fellow of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Policy of the World Project, that outlines key factors in the task of regulating and deploying new AI technologies. Currently situated in the tech hub of the world, Silicon Valley, Seymour founded multiple tech-companies. Before co-founding iCharts, a data visualization software – which according to PrivCo had a post-money valuation of 10-50 million USD as of Feb 2016 – he started his own advisory firm and was partner in building a leading German CRM company. His new company Mindcale.ai is due to launch this year in 2021.

About Us:
AI LITERACY is a podcast series of the AIM Research Center on AI in Value Creation hosted by us, Anna-Regina Entus and Victoria Rugli, two research student fellows at the AIM research center in AI for value creation. Together with guest speakers from around the globe, we are going to help you make sense of AI and share some insights on the latest innovations in the world of artificial intelligence.

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Anna-Regina Entus & Victoria Rugli.