AIM professors studied systems relevant to AI, with the foundation in industrial and system engineering, computer systems, clouding computing systems, digital twin, and network architecture. The applications are in smart manufacturing systems, smart logistics systems, platform systems, smart medicine systems, smart disaster management systems, and smart finance systems. Yeming (Yale) Gong used techniques of industrial and system engineering, clouding computing, digital twin, and network architecture to study smart manufacturing systems, smart logistics systems, platforms, and smart medicine systems. This year he also studied a theoretical problem in multiplex network architecture. Ajay Kumar used techniques of AI, clouding computing, and decision support systems to study smart disaster management systems, smart finance systems, human centric decision support framework, collaborative platforms, and payment card fraud detection systems.

Research Examples, among others (just list AIM professors)

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Seeding Strategy Based on Weighted Gravity Centrality in Multiplex Networks. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (99):1-15.

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Data-driven cloud simulation architecture for automated flexible production lines: application in real smart factories. International Journal of Production Research 60(12):3751-3773.

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Analysis of pickup/deposit stations and dwell point locations in bi-directional flow-rack AS/RSs.2022. International Journal of Production Research.

*Yeming GONG. 2022. Improved Multi-fidelity Simulation-based Optimisation: Application in a Digital Twin Shop Floor, International Journal of Production Research 60 (3), 1016-1035

*Ajay Kumar, 2022. Artificial intelligence and cloud-based Collaborative Platforms for Managing Disaster, extreme weather and emergency operations. International Journal of Production Economics, 108642

*Ajay Kumar,2022. Artificial intelligence-based human-centric decision support framework: an application to predictive maintenance in asset management under pandemic environments. Annals of Operations Research, 1-24

*Ajay Kumar,2021. An intelligent payment card fraud detection system. Annals of operations research, 1-23