AI and Financial risk. How can we develop an intelligent payment card fraud detection system using machine learning? AIM professor Ajay Kumar addressed this research question in a recently accepted paper in the Annals of Operations Research Journal. Ajay Kumar and his team developed several machine learning and deep learning models to develop the intelligent payment card fraud detection system. The main contributions of the paper are two-fold. Firstly, a feature aggregation method is devised for processing payment transaction records. The key benefit of aggregating various features from transaction data is improvement in robustness to counter the effects of concept drift. After that, the authors selected the most important features using optimization methods and developed an intelligent data-based algorithm for fraud detection. The outcome of the study is important for deriving valuable insights into the robustness of various data-based methods utilizing aggregated features for fraud detection in payment card transactions in real-world environments.


Ajay Kumar (2021). An intelligent payment card fraud detection system. Annals of Operations Research. With Seera M., Lim C.P., & Tan K.H.