Last week, emlyon business school AIM professor Yeming (Yale) Gong was interviewed by the National Business Daily to talk about the #ChatGPT and #AI #generated #content (AIGC).

The journalist first asked about technical problems from GPT2 to GPT3.5. Yeming analyzed the #transformer #framework adopted by ChatGPT, particularly the critical tech details in self-attention, in-context learning, and prompt engineering. They discussed whether chatGPT is just an engineering contribution or an innovative scientific contribution.

Second, they discussed problems for some competitors making systems similar to ChatGPT, and analyzed the difficulties in the corpus, algorithms, technical talents, and investment. They discussed #digital #moat problem in the business application of large language models (LLM) .

Third, Yeming was interviewed about the new paradigm and architecture of #Artificial #General #Intelligence (AGI).

Fourth, they discussed about the application of #AIGC, future trends, business development path, ecosystems, and the possible solution for the #metaverse content production.

Fifth, AIGC and ChatGPT also raise some #ethical issues. Yeming answered relevant Philosophy problems in scientific discovery by humans or AI.