emlyon business school Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Management (AIM) aims to study and foster the societal and economic impacts of Data Driven AI and Embedded AI on Management and Business.

This global project is directly in line with emlyon’s 2023 strategy to develop an extended and strategic research/content/dissemination offer on AI. This Initiative will be run by a dedicated team of experts and researchers from emlyon, leveraging on academic and corporate partnerships. The end-users targeted are emlyon’s students, the general public, academic and corporate partners and international institutions.

Inside this initiative, emlyon business school has new openings for postdoctoral researcher positions starting Fall 2018.

Research will focus on two areas:

1. AI for Consumer Behavior and Business Ecosystems: This area aims to examine how AI affects consumer demand, information sharing, experiential engagement, marketing practices and brand equity. In this track we also analyze how AI enabled networked platforms— like the ones used by Uber, Airbnb, and eBay but also in the industrial marketing —are changing the way companies do business and shape new business ecosystems.

2. AI for Education and Training: The application area here involves using AI to support

cognitive task analysis (CTA) for training. The postdoc position here will involve working on an essential component of the next generation of training systems, i.e., the need to rapidly and completely capture the skills of top experts and transfer them to efficient, accessible, just-in-time training systems

AI expertise in machine learning, speech recognition, and/or natural language understanding will all be valuable.

A key aspect of our research is the interdisciplinary partnerships beyond computer science. To that end, postdoctoral researchers will regularly interact with researchers at emlyon business school.

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